War & Peace (& Love) (& Heartbreak)


I’m watching the new BBC adaptation of War and Peace on the Lifetime network. This is my first foray into the story and I’m hooked. I’m always a sucker for costume dramas set in that era anyway, but I’ve been really blown away by how lovely and complex this story is. My only other experience with Tolstoy is Anna Karenina, which I read excerpts of in school, and then I recently saw the 2012 adaptation starring Keira Knightley. I enjoyed that story a lot, but I’m enjoying War and Peace so much more. I’d love to read them both someday.

I think what I love the most about this story is that it’s a perfect microcosm of the human condition and all its duality: love/hate, joy/sorrow, courage/fear, wealth/poverty, peace/war, life and death. This is what storytelling is all about, and in my own small way, it’s what I love to explore in my own stories. I can only strive to do it with as much depth as Tolstoy has in this epic tale.

If you’re a fan of costume dramas and have a chance to watch it, I highly recommend it.

5 Comments on “War & Peace (& Love) (& Heartbreak)

  1. I read the book. It should have been preceeded with a cast of characters to which one may refer continually. The BBC has done it better than Tolstoy did! Love reading your quips Julie!

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