I’m Julia, and I write speculative fiction with a romantic twist. My writing is influenced by my love of historical eras and fondness for imagining life on Earth after a blank slate. When not writing, I enjoy hiking and exploring (especially in my native state of Colorado and adopted state of Florida), reading historical fiction and YA fantasy, and watching entirely too much television (especially period dramas!) I live in Florida with my husband and zoo of rescue animals. My debut novel, Ashes Swept, was released in 2017.

F.A.Q. Lightning Round!

Favorite Book: Emma by Jane Austen
Favorite Book Series: The Starbound Series
Favorite Author: Jane Austen
Star Wars or Star Trek: Both, but Star Wars if pressed
Spaceship or Tallship: Tallship!
Favorite Captain: Mal Reynolds (space), Jack Aubrey (sea)
Current Favorite TV Show: The Curse of Oak Island
All-Time Favorite TV Show: LOST
Favorite Food: Potatoes (or cheese)
Favorite Cuisine: Mexican

Currently Reading:

Harbinger of the Storm by Elle Wolfson
The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard
London in Fragments: A Mudlark’s Treasures by Ted Sandling


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