Collecting Words

I keep a big hardcover notebook on my writing desk for recording pretty words, favorite quotes, plot ideas, and descriptions. Usually I scribble things down on scraps of paper and stash them between the pages to save for later. Sometimes I think I should be more mindful and take the time to record them directly rather than dumping them off so unceremoniously. But then, once in awhile, I pull out the notebook in an idle moment, and out falls all these disparate little scraps covered in wonderful scribblings–and it’s kind of magical!

Today I added the words asunder and tumbling to my “beautiful words” list, as well as gelid and ice-kissed to my “winter words” list. Afterward, as I read through the amended lists, I realized the little scraps of paper are part of the fun–a little treasure stash of words I love but had completely forgotten, just waiting to be discovered whenever it occurs to me. I think I’ll stick to the scraps after all.

5 Comments on “Collecting Words

  1. That was beautiful!!! And isn’t that what writing is all about? Finding inspiration in different places, and in different words, phrases, pictures, etc. And, I agree! It does seem magical to have all of those wonderful scraps of spurs for your imagination falling out of a notebook like leaves from an Autumn tree!

  2. I do this, too…. but I have a file on my computer called “words & phrases”. 😊 Sometimes a beautiful word or group of words pops into my head and if I don’t write them down somewhere, they are lost forever! I think this is a super smart thing for us, as authors, to do to capture our creativity…..our imagination is on-call 24/7 even if WE aren’t. 😉

  3. This is such a great idea. How wonderful it would be if students would do this daily to build vocabularies

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