Valentine’s Gifts for Writers & Readers


With Valentine’s Day a week away, you might be looking for gift ideas for the readers and writers in your life. Or, maybe you’ll just want to leave this up on your laptop in case a loved one walks by. 😉


Books can be a great gift for writers and readers–if you know what they like. For writers, you might consider reference books like Historic Costume in Pictures or The Writer’s Guide to WeaponsIf you want something more general, try The Emotion Thesaurus or Master Lists for Writers. Or, if you want to go a different route, try Bird by Bird, Structuring Your Novelor Wonderbook.


I love to light candles when I’m writing, but they’re lovely when I’m reading, too. For writers and readers, there are lots of literary inspired candles out there, like this 221B Baker Street soy candle or this one inspired by Hobbiton. There are even candles inspired by Pemberly and some that smell like antique books.

Coffee and Tea

Lots of writers and readers enjoy coffee or tea. If you know which one your reader or writer prefers, this can be a great gift source. Not only can you purchase all sorts of fancy coffees and teas, but you can also get t-shirts, signs, and even jewelry inspired by coffee and tea. Or, how about a mug geared toward reading or writing, like this motivational typewriter mug, this pro-comma mug, or this mug filled with literary first lines.

Candy and Jewelry

Of course, some people prefer the more traditional Valentine’s gift of candy or jewelry. Never fear! There are lots of options geared toward readers and writers. The Wordsworth quote in this pendant is a favorite with writers, plus it’s fitting for Valentine’s Day. These fountain pen cuff links look nice, or you could go with some earrings or this lovely bracelet.

Do you have a reader or a writer who’s a Jane Austen fan? How about some Austen inspired candy, like this Darcy quote chocolate bar or this Jane Austen chocolate tea set. If you’ve got a Harry Potter fan on your hands, how about some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and a chocolate frog?

Stationery, Pens, and Notebooks

With writers and readers, you almost can’t go wrong with stationery, pens, and notebooks. We love them all! The Ecosystem Author is a popular notebook choice, as is the Piccadilly Essential. Does your Valentine need a planner? What better time than now to get them a Passion Planner! No, it’s not for planning that kind of passion, ya goon! It’s a regular day/week/month planner that helps you follow your passions–like reading and writing!

Here’s a dark little secret: I love pens. I love pens a lot. But that’s okay, because lots of writers and readers love pens! My favorites are my Sakura Gelly Roll pens and my Sarasa retractable pens. Want to include some nice note cards? How about this Edgar Allan Poe themed set, or these lovely Ladies of Jane Austen?

Practical Gifts

Maybe you’ve got a very practical Valentine who would prefer something they can really use. For writers, consider printer ink (if you know what their printer takes) or paper. Or, this waterproof notepad might come in handy. This gratitude journal would make a great gift for anyone, really. If your writer prefers clothing, this necktie or this t-shirt could be good options.

And last but not least…

Fun Stuff

Sometimes you just want to give your Valentine gifts that are silly or fun. Here are some of my favorite choices: The Writer’s Toolbox is a fun and handy way to help your writer Valentine find inspiration and work through writer’s block. Inspiration Dice are another fun writing tool. I have some tacked to the cork board above my desk. 😉 This swirled glass heart paperweight is beautiful and appropriately themed, too. And finally, this Writer’s Block is something any writer can appreciate. For readers, how about a literary clutch purse or a literary tote bag for carrying all those books around? Maybe a Hemingway shot glass would be more appropriate?
If you don’t have a Valentine, why not buy a little something for yourself? C’mon! You deserve it!

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