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Why I’m Not Writing a Sequel to Ashes Swept

After the release of Ashes Swept, I was surprised by how many readers said they were excited for the sequel and asked when it would be out. This caught me completely off-guard, because Ashes Swept was always meant to be a stand-alone novel. The… Continue Reading “Why I’m Not Writing a Sequel to Ashes Swept”

2016 Roundup: My Year in Stories

2016 was a harrowing year, for me and most other people. Still, I can’t deny there were some good things in my year. I completed edit three of my WIP, and wrote novel number seven during NaNoWriMo. I visited Colorado twice–once for my niece’s… Continue Reading “2016 Roundup: My Year in Stories”

Update; Thoughts on Ocean’s Eight

It’s been a couple of months since my last update, mostly because I have little to report. I finished draft three in early July and decided to make some structural changes to the story. This means that draft four won’t be the polishing draft… Continue Reading “Update; Thoughts on Ocean’s Eight”

War & Peace (& Love) (& Heartbreak)

I’m watching the new BBC adaptation of War and Peace on the Lifetime network. This is my first foray into the story and I’m hooked. I’m always a sucker for costume dramas set in that era anyway, but I’ve been really blown away by how lovely… Continue Reading “War & Peace (& Love) (& Heartbreak)”