Web Site, Take Two

On January 1st, 2016, I bolted out of the gate and created my author web site, blog, and social media pages. This was a huge accomplishment for me, given that I’d been putting it off for years. I was feeling very impressed with myself until today, three days later, when a text from my cousin announced that my new web site and blog was mysteriously missing. After what can only be described as frantic race through Target to finish my shopping, I got home to discover that my beloved blog had been deleted by Blogspot due to spam. There was no explanation of what the spam was, where on my site it was located, or how it got there, and I was given no access to my blog to see for myself. My only recourse was to appeal the deletion, but as far as I could tell that wouldn’t accomplish much besides some random person at Google confirming that there was in fact spam on my site. I just honestly don’t have time for that sort of tomfuckery, so I deleted myself from all of Google and migrated over to WordPress. And let me tell you, despite the tremendous pain in the rump it has been to start all over again, it has turned out to be serendipity. I’m so much happier with my new site! Now, back to editing…

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