Launch Week is Coming!

I’m happy to announce that launch week for Ashes Swept will begin one week from Friday, on September 22nd!

I’ll be sharing some fun things here (and on social media) each day leading up to launch day. The Ashes Swept cover reveal, book trailer, and selections from the AS playlist are just a few of the things I have planned. Then, on September 29th, Ashes Swept will be available for purchase, in both print and Kindle, on!

It’s a Bit of a Learning Curve


I’ve had my print proof of Ashes Swept in hand for eleven days. It arrived while I was reading the e-book proof, and I’ve just finished reading it. This took a little longer than anticipated thanks to time limits, but while I was reading, something really interesting happened: I found a lot I wanted to change.

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Almost there.

It’s hard to believe, but I’m almost there. My book launch is on the horizon!

My manuscript is going through final edits and polishing. Hopefully I will have a launch timetable by the end of the month, and then the really fun stuff can begin.

After that, I’ll probably dive right into my second book. It’s one I wrote a long time ago but which needs a massive overhaul. I’m really looking forward to working on it, and with any luck it won’t take as long as this one did.

That’s all for my update for now. More soon!

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I finished the fourth draft last week, and if all goes well, that should be my last revision. Now I’ve just got to send it back out to my team, make the necessary edits, and do a few polishing runs. I’m finally approaching the end of this tunnel!

The publication timeline is slowly coming into focus, but I don’t have a date yet. Part of that will depend on my cover artist. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea in the next month or so.

Now that I’m getting so close to the end, I’ve started looking ahead to book two. I’m really excited to get back into editing that one. It’s actually the first novel I wrote–way back in 2010. The story needs a lot of work. And, I realized, it’s another red-headed protagonist. Which, oops. I swear I only have two! =)

2016 Roundup: My Year in Stories

2016 was a harrowing year, for me and most other people. Still, I can’t deny there were some good things in my year. I completed edit three of my WIP, and wrote novel number seven during NaNoWriMo. I visited Colorado twice–once for my niece’s graduation, and again for my parents’ 50th anniversary. It was fun visiting family and getting out to explore my home state. Plus, my parents came out to visit twice, which made for some fun adventuring right here at home. And, of course, adventure is essential to keeping a writer happy!

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