Ashes Swept Meets The Sims

I’ve been an avid fan of the video game The Sims since the very first version came out over 17 years ago. I used to love recreating my favorite TV show, book, and movie characters in the game, and once I started writing novels, I found that The Sims was a great way to flesh out the buildings in my story. Here are a few random shots from various incarnations of Ashes Swept in Sims-land.

KirbysThe Kirby house and the Kirby mill, back view, from the spring run.

IveyEstateIvey Estate, front walkway.

PotMThe Palace of the Magistrates on gala night.

boardinghouse2The Boarding House

PlayHouseThe Silver Glen playhouse

MillShopThe Kirby mill shop
Now, here’s some funny stuff that happened during game play…

AntonineI caught Antonine checking herself out in her mirror, which seemed appropriate.

PoorWillIn an earlier version of the Kirby house, Will set fire to the hearth and Maribel had to come to his rescue.

BedProblemsDuring a boarding house remodel, I put all the bunk beds into one room and later found Foster and Maribel sleeping in one of them. Those boarding house beds seem awfully soft!

And finally, in perhaps one of my most favorite Sims moments ever, the following vignette is one I refer to simply as “Toast Envy.” It was even featured on the tumblr site “Sims Gone Wrong.”