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5 Things I love About HBO’s The Gilded Age (And one thing I’m on the fence about…)

I binge-watched HBO’s The Gilded Age (created by Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame) over the past couple weeks, and I have thoughts: I LOVED IT! Since I’m seeing some mixed feelings about this show from other period drama fans, I thought I’d share… Continue Reading “5 Things I love About HBO’s The Gilded Age (And one thing I’m on the fence about…)”

“I Don’t Read YA…”

One of my bookish pet peeves is when people proudly declare that they don’t read a particular genre or type of fiction. “I don’t read romance/YA/comic books/memoirs/…” Weird flex, but okay? I firmly believe people should read–and not read–whatever they want without judgement from… Continue Reading ““I Don’t Read YA…””

Book Review: Black Ice by Julia Blake

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ When I heard Julia Blake was writing a steampunk retelling of Snow White, I thought two things: “Steampunk” isn’t the first thing I think of when I think “Snow White…” OMFG THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN! And IT WAS! Julia Blake… Continue Reading “Book Review: Black Ice by Julia Blake”

5 Things That Motivate Me When Things Aren’t Great

I hoped to start 2021 with a post about big plans for the year. The stressors of 2020 felt like water under the bridge, and I was sure things would be better. Then January actually happened, and my 2020 stress levels were back in… Continue Reading “5 Things That Motivate Me When Things Aren’t Great”

Book Review: Knight in Paper armor by Nicholas Conley

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ I was intrigued by the blurb of Knight in Paper Armor, which promised a dystopian thriller with unusual characters battling familiar humanitarian issues and a villain that sounds shockingly believable in the modern landscape of corporate greed over human welfare. On that… Continue Reading “Book Review: Knight in Paper armor by Nicholas Conley”